School Learning Plan 2015/2016

School Learning Plan 2015 - 2016
We continually strive to ensure the children in our care receive the very best education.  Over the year we have areas to be developed and these are reviewed each half term by parents,staff and governors.  Our main areas for development this year are as follows;
 Effectiveness of Leadership and Management
  •       To develop the roles and responsibilities of senior and middle leaders
  •       To define the school vision and values to all stake holders
  •        To further develop a programme for effective use of parent helpers in school and the role of other adults in the wider local community
 Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  •      Improve Phonics Key Stage 1 results through more robust teaching of phonics
  •     Narrow the gap in achievement in writing between girls and boys
  •       Develop a curriculum for independence and active learning
  •       Narrow the gap in achievement in writing between girls and boy
Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare
  •       To strengthen safeguarding practices through school
  •       To embed fundamental British Values into SMSC and PSHCE throughout the school with consistent behaviour guidelines based on the School Values
 Outcomes for Pupils
  •       To ensure all groups of children continue to make progress in line with their peers
  •       To develop the changes in Assessment Without Levels (AWOL) into all Key Stage 1 classes
  •        To further develop enrichment activities for all pupils
 Effectiveness of EYFS Provision
  •       To define the roles and responsibilities of the Early Year’s Practitioners and Teaching Assistants
  •       To trial the new Early Year’s Baseline Assessment
  •        To improve writing within the EYFS provision
  •       To develop the outside provision and opportunities for EYFS
Asset Management
  •        To develop the use of spaces and environments across the school ensure maximum effectiveness at all times