Year 2


In Year 2 we cover lots of fabulous topics which cross over all areas of the Curriculum. These include Amazing Animals, The Great Fire of London, Expedition and Explorers, Florence Nightingale, Tropical Rainforests and Innovative Inventors.  In addition to these we learn about topics linked to our special Curriculum Discovery Weeks; ‘How Great is Great Britain’ and ‘Our Wonderful World’ have been two of our favourites!


We enjoy developing our art skills in painting, printing, drawing, sculpting, sewing and animation as well as studying a famous piece of art work.


We have integrated ICT across the curriculum and use the iPads for research, coding activities and recording.


In Maths we enjoy practical activities, investigations and working outside when we can.  We link Maths to real life as much as possible and have super Maths equipment to help us learn new methods.  


Each half term we go on a school trip to enrich the children's knowledge of their topic. These include walks around our fantastic local area as well as a visit to Claydon House and The Tropical Rainforest in Newbury.  We also enjoy having visitors to our class and hope to have many more this year. 


We LOVE reading books, poems and facts in our class.  We choose an Author of the Month; learn about them and read lots of their books.  This year we will be learning about Dr Seuss, Francesca Simon and Michael Rosen to name just a few!