2020 Parent Questionnaire

Questionnaire 2020
Please see the results of this years Parents Questionnaire which was taken in November 2020.
  Strongly Agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
The school has a happy atmosphere. 72.4% 24.1% 3.4%    
I am made to feel welcome when I contact the school. 44.8% 37.9% 17.2%    
I find the staff friendly and approachable. 65.5% 34.5%      
I am pleased with my child/ren’s education. 50% 42.9% 7.1%    
My child is/children are happy to come to school. 75.9% 24.1%      
I feel that my involvement with the school is appreciated. 44.8% 24.1% 31%    
I understand the school policies about arrival times, absences, attendance, etc. 69% 27.6%   3.4%  
I am kept well informed about school activities and receive enough information generally about the school. 44.8% 48.3% 6.9%    
I would find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my child/ren. 58.6% 31% 6.9% 3.4%  
My child is/children are challenged at school to produce work to their best ability. 41.4% 41.4% 17.2%    
If I tell staff of concerns I have about my child/ren’s progress I am confident that my views will be taken seriously. 55.2% 31% 13.8%    
If your child has special educational needs: I am happy those needs will be supported. 30.4% 26.1% 43.5%    
There is usually a good range of enrichment activities in the curriculum e.g. trips, visitors, curriculum weeks. 37.9% 41.4% 17.2% 3.4%  
Parents are usually encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school e.g. Stay and Play sessions, questionnaires, feedback forms, PTA. 41.4% 44.8% 10.3% 3.4%  
The school is well organised and managed. 51.7% 37.9% 10.3%    
The school seeks and takes account of the views of parents. 27.6% 62.1% 6.9% 3.4%  
The school achieves high standards of good behaviour. 62.1% 37.9%      
The school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child. 62.1% 37.9%      
I would recommend the school to friends and family. 72.4% 24.1% 3.4%    
We are proud to be part of Haddenham Community Infant School. 69% 31%      
I am happy with the general communication received from school. 41.4% 48.3% 10.3%    
I am happy with the newsletter and weekly updates. 53.6% 39.3% 3.6% 3.6%  
I find the facebook page a good way to remind of events or similar to give snapshots of school life. 6.9% 31% 34.5% 27.6%  
My answers are slightly affected by COVID as I don't have as much visibility as to what is going on in the school. I think the school have done a fantastic job at settling in children given wider circumstances and disruption experienced in the spring. It would be really helpful for parents of children with special educational needs to get some sort of specific feedback on how arrangements are going. Outside professionals who usually regularly assess my child and feedback to us can't do so this year. I'm aware that teachers are under exceptional pressure this year so don't want to add to that load.
Communication is not always timely enough, or correct.
The home learning platform has gone some way to enable parents to understand what the children are learning, and is a useful addition. It would be helpful to continue tapestry like content for other years (it is a great insight into what is going on in Reception) and would be fantastic for other years as well. Not all of the school policies are on the internet.
I love the focus on mental well being and my child has really taken this learning on board. I do worry sometimes that there is perhaps too much emphasis on the behaviour rainbow - often it is the first thing my child reports back to me about, telling me where they are on the rainbow. I would prefer my child's focus to be more on the learning and friendship aspects of school life. I also worry about the effect it may have on a child when their name is moved down the rainbow and their mistake or 'bad choice' is displayed for all to see.
The volume of emails can sometimes cause confusion as there are so many that things get missed. There have also been a significant number of mistakes in emails since the start of term which causes confusion.
Firstly would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs McNeil and all staff for the way they have made school safe and a very happy place for our child to be during these unsettling times. We are extremely grateful for all of their hard work. We very much appreciate any photos or videos that are emailed home/are posted on the website as school does feel very 'out of reach' for parents at the moment and it is so lovely to see what our child has been learning and to be able to discuss this with them (as they often don't feed much back)! It is also nice to see any photos of them interacting with other children as again we don't have the chance to see them in social situations at the moment. Without wanting to create lots of extra work for staff, we really hope that even though there can't be a usual Christmas production, that there will be some sort of class assembly/singing that parents can watch online as we will miss all of these kind of things this year.
We are very pleased with the education our little boy receives. He is very happy at school and we feel that he is making good progress, especially with his reading. We think the school is a happy place to be, well led and that all staff do a great job. We are very thankful for all that they are doing in the current climate. Just one small thing. We think the rainbow reward system is a great idea for both promoting good behaviour and encouraging children to do their best and work hard. Our little boy sometimes feels a bit disheartened though as he often comes out without a sticker and has only received about three top of the rainbow certificates the whole time he has been at the Infants (he mentions it on the way home and says he is trying his best). We appreciate that staff are very busy but some of his friends seem to have received many more certificates and one seemed to be getting one every week last year! We know that some children will be putting more effort in etc that others but we worry that he will lose heart and not try so hard if he is never able to make it to the top. Do staff keep a record of who has had certificates to ensure that it is a bit more evenly spread to motivate all children?
Haddenham Infant School is as supportive as ever, we are so grateful for all your efforts, especially at these unprecedented times. So impressed with how adaptable and resilient all staff have been working around the changes due to Covid-19. Staff are impeccably trained, incredibly receptive and highly skilled at understanding children. There is a truly collaborative spirit at this school and it inspires both children and parents to proactively want to help and make progress together, which are such wonderful attributes to have in early years and sets strong foundations for the future. Thank you, keep doing what you do, because it really works!!