Curriculum Weeks

Chinese New Year

Here at Haddenham Community Infant School we get excited about learning about new places, festivals and events.  We have special curriculum enrichment weeks each term.  Past curriculum weeks have included A Life Like Mine, The Olympics, Chinese New Year, Tanzania and Water Week.   We have visitors who come and show us special crafts, traditions and activities. This year we have learned about Maths through Islamic Art and the Caribbean.

During our Caribbean curriculum week we learned about Steel drumming through a visiting group of steel band players  We learned how to play the steel drums and the different sounds they make.

We also learned about traditional Caribbean dancing and had a workshop to learn some new moves. 

We learned about the location of the Caribbean Islands and what foods are traditionally eaten and grown there.  We enjoyed trying some plantain and drinking coconut milk from coconuts through straws.

We looked at Caribbean colours and worked with clay to produce some tropical looking fish as well as learning about some Caribbean art pieces.



We have a link school in Tanzania called the Kibaoni Primary School.  We held special curriculum weeks to learn about life in Tanzania.

Herta Walzer from the Tanzanian Charity came to speak to us about the Kibaoni School. 

We looked at where Tanzania is located and looked at the land is used.  We compared our climate with the climate in Tanzania.  We learned about the types of houses and homes in Tanzania and compared them with where we live here in Haddenham.  We learned about the wildlife in Tanzania and compared it to here in the UK.

We wrote to our penpals at the Kibaoni School and found out about school life.  We are always excited to receive letters and pictures from our friends at the Kibaoni School.

We recycled our old school jumpers, hats and book bags and sent them to the children at the Kibaoni School.

Over the last 2 years we have raised money to buy a water pump for the Kibaoni School.  Now the children and teachers have clean water to drink.


Icebergs and Inuits

We learned about life in polar regions in our curriculum week 'Icebergs and Inuits'.  Classrooms were converted to base camps as the children became explorers of the ice world.  They learned how to use thermometers to take the temperature of the environment and had great fun with ice experiments.  

The school visted Cotswold Wildlife Park to collect information about polar animals.  They then used this information in their learning.  The children also learned about how polar animals are becoming endangered.


Islamic Art

In our last curriculum week we investigated pattern, symmetry, tessellation and shape through Islamic Art. Our Islamic art workshop taught us how to create our own works of art.  Some of these can be seen in the classrooms.  The children used these ideas to create their own clay tiles and bowls.

The children worked together to learn about Islamic buildings and prayer.