Sparkle Days

Each term we hold a Sparkle Day.  This is a special day where all the children have a chance to sparkle at a talent they have.  Our children are all good at different things and Sparkle Day enables each and every child to shine at an activity or skill.

For our first Sparkle Day the children were asked to write down their talents.  These ideas were then used to plan the activities.  Activities included; photography, model making, report writing, knitting, football, dancing, singing, pottery, science experiments, painting and animation.  The children had so much fun and were so proud of their work.

For our second Sparkle Day we made a twist on the theme.  We wanted the children to understand that their talents could take them into a career or profession in the future.  The theme was called 'So you want to be a...'. The children had a special morning where they learned what it would be like to use their talents to be a Carpenter, Pop Star, Beautician, Scientist, Gardener, Fashion Designer, Artist, Footballer, Athlete, Chef or DJ.  The children came dressed as their profession and parents and professionals from the local community came to lead the sessions.  

It was an exciting and exhausting morning and we all learned so much.  We then shared our achievements with the rest of the school during our assembly.   For our final Sparkle Day of the year the children were very much the leaders and taught their own skills to other children.  We had jugglers, rugby players, sports experts, dancers, scientists and fashion designers.  The children planned a teaching session alongside an adult and then taught children many new skills and facts about their chosen subject.