2014 Parent Questionnaire

Parent Questionnaire January 2014

    Definitely agree Agree to some extent Disagree Don't know
1 The school has a happy atmosphere.


2 I am made to feel welcome when I come to school. 100%      
3 I am pleased with my child/ren’s education. 93% 7%    
4 My child is/children are happy to come to school. 96% 4%    
5 I am kept well informed about school activities and receive enough information generally about the school. 93% 7%    
6 I understand the school policies about arrival times, absences, etc. 100%      
7 I would find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my child/ren. 96% 4%    
8 If I tell staff of concerns I have about my child/ren’s progress I am confident that my views will be taken seriously. 93% 7%    
9 My child is/children are challenged at school to produce work to their best ability 81% 19%    
10 My child is making good progress at school. 85% 15%    
11 I think the school keeps me well informed about how my child is/children are doing. 63% 37%    
12 I am happy that if my child has/children have extra needs those needs will be supported. 74% 11%   15%

I feel the school provides well for gifted and talented children.

19% 22%   59%
14 My child is getting the right amount of work to do at home. 70% 30%    
15 I find my child’s/children’s report/parents evening helpful. 89% 11%    
16 There is a good range of activities outside of lessons that interest all children. 81% 19%    
17 Parents are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school. 89% 7%   4%
18 I feel that my involvement with the school is appreciated. 92% 4%   4%

I find the staff friendly and approachable.

96% 4%    
20 I feel the governors play an effective role in supporting the school. 70% 15%   15%
21 The school is well organised and managed. 92% 4%   4%
22 The information I was given when my child/ren first came to school was helpful 89% 11%    
23 The school seeks and takes account of the views of parents. 77% 19%   4%
24 The school achieves high standards of good behaviour. 92%     8%
25 The school’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child. 100%      
26 I would recommend the school to friends and family. 100%      
27 We are proud to be part of Haddenham Community Infant School. 100%      

Comments made

"School provides such a rounded, caring and sensitive environment for whole child development - educationally and socially.  Thank you, some marvellous role models".

"I am not aware of any extra provision for a child on the gifted and talented list".

"The last parents evening was much improved; I thought it was much more informative than any previous ones".

"...I have always been impressed with the standard of care and education provided.  There is a real ethos of genuinely caring for the children and bringing out the best in them.  It is a lovely environment where my children have flourished and I have felt completely confident they are safe and well".

"I would like the school website to be updated more often than it is, particularly the topipcs my children are working on each term".

So how we have improved?

We have improved the information regarding children's progress at parent's evenings and have made it more specific with pointers of how parents can help their child improve, using the same criteria as we would in school.

We endeavour to update the website more regularly with events/photos and information as hot off the press as we can and now direct parents to new information in the weekly newsletter.

The school leads Gifted & Talented days and events with a group of local schools to enable Gifted and Talented children to work alongside children of a similar ability.  The school has a fluid G & T register which is reviewed each term. All lessons are carefully planned with a 'Challenge for all'  approach.  We ensure that all lessons are clearly differentiated, challenging the G & T children in all areas of the curriculum.