At Haddenham Community Infant School reading is taught through a variety of approaches.  The schools main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree.  The reading scheme is grouped into levels of difficulty and the children progress through these levels at their own rate.   At each level there is also a wide variety of books from many different schemes such as Collins Picture Lions and Read Write Inc.  It is important that the children experience a wide variety of texts to develop their reading confidence.  Our reading scheme also ensures the children read a variety of genres to develop a love of reading.  Reading genres include stories, recounts, non fiction texts, poetry and play scripts.

Children enter Reception and are initially assessed in their early reading skills.  A reading level is chosen that matches the child's reading ability.  Some children may begin by reading stories without text.  This enables the children to develop their early reading skills such as using picture clues, knowing how to hold a book and turn the pages and talking about the story. They are then given books with a small amount of text.  The reading scheme builds on key words and gradually the children are introduced to more and more key words.  Some children learn best through learning these key words within the story books and some children learn by seeing a word many times.  In this instance children will be given small packs of key words to practise and learn at home. 

The children read regularly with adults in school.  Children read individually and as part of a guided reading group each week.  During guided reading sessions the teachers teach reading skills such as using intonation when reading or reading on and using the context of the sentence when they are unable to read a word.  When the children have read in school adults will comment in the  children's reading record books and will give areas to develop next.  

Reading is assessed informally as part of on going assessment for learning and more formally each half term through 1:1 reading activities.  The teacher assesses the children's reading for reading accuracy, use of phonic knowledge to read new words, self correction and understanding of the text.

In Year 2 the children complete the Reading Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) and national curriculum reading levels are reported to parents in the end of year reports.