The staff are supported in their work by the School Governors.  The governing body prides itself on taking an active part in the running of the school and is made up of people who represent parents, teachers and the local community, as well as people appointed by the local authority.  They are responsible for all aspects of school life, including finances, staff appointments, the curriculum and management of the school site.  


Correspondence for the governing body should be clearly marked with the governor's name and sent/handed into the school office for forwarding.  

  • Mrs Lucy McNeil


    Appointed: 2nd March 2015
    Term Ends: 1st March 2019

  • Mrs Eleanor King

    Chair of Governors

    Appointed: 22nd January 2016
    Term Ends: 21st January 2020
    Eleanor - Chair of Governors

    With two young children it is important to me to understand their education and what happens after you drop them off in the morning and then get the standard "nothing" answer when you ask what they did at school today at pick up time. I strongly believe that sculpting our children's lives starts at home but with a huge amount of their time being at school, its so important to support those who are supporting our children as they grow and develop. Being part of the governing body will allow an insight and influence in this all important time of our children's lives

  • Mr Alex Giles

    Vice Chair of Governors

    Appointed: 6th September 2012
    Term ends: 24th February 2020
    I have been a Governor at HCIS since 2012 and have enjoyed various roles in the various sub-committees including Finance, Personnel and Future Strategy. I have been lucky enough to have had three children at the school and although I commute to London each day I was keen to play a more active role with their education. Working in financial services management I am able to bring my experience to bear in many areas, not least the schools financial accounting.

    I am particularly proud of the school ethos which makes a point of recognizing and developing each child as an individual and the wonderful team that the school employs to achieve this.

  • Mr Ed Rowe

    Staff Governor

    Appointed: 7th November 2018
    Term Ends: 7th November 2022

    I've been associated with the school as a parent, volunteer and staff member for over six years. Having just taken on the role as Staff Governor, I'm looking forward to representing my brilliant colleagues on the governing body.

  • Rev Carol Murray

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 30th June 2004
    Term Ends: 1st March 2019

    I have been a Governor at HCIS for a number of years now, and have a particular brief as the SENCO governor to which I bring skills from a former teaching career in Special Education. I am also on the Curriculum and Personnel Committees, both of which play to my strengths in teaching and lecturing, and in a pastoral capacity as the Baptist Minister in Haddenham for 20 years.

    The school has been dear to my heart since my arrival in the Village, since when I have seen it develop, flourish and grow. I feel privileged to be a part of this.

  • Dr Keith Milmer

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 15th July 2018
    Term Ends: 15th July 2222

    I am delighted to be part of the governing body at HCIS. The school clearly has a very caring, supportive and child-centred ethos and the Governors contribute a broad range of professional skills, enabling them to balance a compassionate approach with a desire to maintain the highest standards for the school. In my role as a Community Governor I draw on experience in business and adult education, as well as being a granddad to infant school age children.

  • Miss Sarah Heydon

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 10th November 2011
    Term Ends: 1st March 2019

    started as a Governor five years ago when my two children were at Haddenham Community Infants, and have continued, enjoying being part of something that provides a special beginning to a child’s journey in education. Having previously worked in primary education as a teacher, and now being a counsellor , I have a keen interest to see how an environment can best support children in such an important stage of their educational and emotional development.

  • Mrs Hilary Conboy

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 3rd March 2014
    Term Ends: 1st March 2019

  • Mr William Peel

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 25th February 2016
    Term Ends: 24th February 2020

    I am proud to have been appointed a governor at HCIS, a school of which I am a great admirer and in which I have an enormous personal interest – all three of my children are pupils here. Through my work in the public sector I know the critical role schools play in the development of young people. An excellent school like this one is a priceless asset for its community, and the active engagement of parents in the continuing good management of such a school is vital to protecting and promoting success. As a governor I hope to use my professional and personal skills and experience to make a useful contribution to this wonderful school and support its brilliant teaching team.

  • Mr Mark Hooper

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed: 24th February 2016
    Term Ends: 23rd February 2020

    Having lived in Haddenham since 2013, and seen both of my children flourish at the school, it’s a privilege to play a part in maintaining and developing the high standards that parents and the community as a whole have come to expect from HCIS. I am chair of the finance committee and endeavour to draw on my business and personal experience to support the school.

  • Mrs Laura Mitchell

    Parent Governor

    Appointed: 7th November 2018
    Term Ends: 7th November 2022

    I am delighted to have recently been appointed as a Parent Governor and I am keen that I can use my professional experience to help with supporting the school wherever I can. My eldest Son is currently a pupil at HCIS and I hope that my younger Son will be too in the next academic year.
    I have been a Primary School Teacher for over 10 years, with the majority of my teaching experience in Key Stage One. I am passionate about delivering children with exciting early learning experiences and I believe that HCIS provides this in a very happy, caring and supportive environment.

  • Mr Gareth Packham

    Parent Governor

    Appointed: 7th November 2018
    Term Ends: 7th November 2022

    I am very pleased to have been appointed as a governor at HCIS, I think it's a wonderful school and have one daughter currently here while my other daughter was sad to leave earlier this year as she moved up to Junior School.

    I currently work in IT at Oxford Brookes University and have worked in the not-for-profit sector for a number of years so hope my experience will be useful for both general governor's meetings and the Finance, Premises and Health & Safety committee. I look forward to supporting the school however I can and helping it continue to flourish.