2012 Parent Questionnaire

Summary of Parent Questionnaire 

January 2012

    Definitely agree Agree to some extent Disagree Don't know
1 The school has a happy atmosphere. 86% 14%    
2 I am made to feel welcome when I come into school. 89% 11%    
3 I am pleased with my child/ren's education 89% 11%    
4 My child is/children are happy to come to school. 89% 11%    
5 I am kept well informed about school activities and receive enough information generally about the school. 71% 25% 4%  
6 I understand the school policies about arrival times, absences, etc. 93% 7%    
7 I would find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my child/ren. 82% 18%    
8 If I tell staff of concerns I have about my child/ren's progress I am confident that my views will be taken seriously. 72% 21%   7%
9 My child is/children are challenged at school to produce work to their best ability. 64% 29%   7%
10 My chid is making good progress at school. 82% 18%    
11 I think the school keeps me well informed about how my child is/children are doing. 57% 36% 7%  
12 I am happy that if my child has/children have extra needs those needs will be supported. 50% 14%   36%
13 I feel the school provides well for gifted and talented children. 21% 25% 4% 50%
14 My child is getting the right amount of work to do at home. 72% 25% 4% 4%
15 I find my child's/children's report helpful. 72% 21% 4% 4%
16 There is a good range of activities outside of lessons that interest all children. 75% 21% 4%  
17 Parents are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school. 89% 7% 4%  
18 I feel that my involvement with the school is appreciated. 72% 11% 7% 11%
19 I find the staff friendly and approachable. 82% 18% 7% 11%
20 I feel the governors play an effective role in supporting the school. 72% 11%   18%
21 The school is well organised and managed. 82% 14%    
22 The information I was given when my child/ren first came to school was helpful. 89% 11%    
23 The school seeks an takes account of the views of parents. 64% 21% 7% 7%
24 The school achieves high standards of good behaviour. 89% 7%    
25 The school's values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child. 93% 7%    
26 I would recommend the school to friends and family. 96% 4%    
27 We are proud to be part of Haddenham Community Infant School. 96% 4%    


'The ethos of the school is embedded in everything the staff do and how the children are encouraged to behave.  It is great to feel that school is an extension of our family values and vice versa.  This also extends to WASPS too.  We are proud to have made such a positive choice for our child and thank the staff, students, governors for their work to make it a truly "community" school experience."

"I think the school and teachers are perfect for my child."

"So happy!"

"You are fabulous, hard-working, dedicated, thank you."

"Good range of activities but not always available to do (numbers)."

"An account from a parents from Reception would be helpful when starting to give help and advice on general stuff as well as educational.  I was surprised at the toilets that I feel may need a thorough clean and spruce up."

"It would be appreciated if new staff/students were introduced in the newsletter- even if only here for a short time."

"I feel that maths homework is less that literacy- should it not be more balanced?  The additional lunchtime clubs are great, could after school activities be introduced?"

"Can the newsletter have any Action Points?"

"More specific homework for children identified as being G & T would be useful."

"I would like more information re. progress."

"Our child has been described in school reports as G & T- we are unclear as to how the school is providing for this."

"We would appreciate more feedback about our child.  The slots at parents' evening are very short (but very much appreciated).  I know very little about what the governors do."

"Children's reports can be quite generic and do not give a balance of performance across the class.  I have not seen evidence of governor input and parents are not often actively engaged.

So how have we improved?

The weekly newsletter now reports on the priority developments of the school over the school year (School Development Plan).

New staff and staff changes are introduced via the weekly newsletter. 

Governors now report in the weekly newsletter and also produce a termly Governor Newsletter.

We are working on actively engaging parents through parent workshops, Feedback questionnaires, Coffee and Croissants new parent meeting and Meet the Heads Coffee and Cup Cakes meetings.  Staff are in the playground in the mornings including the Co-Headteachers.

New starter parent meetings have been introduced prior to the children starting school.  We are looking at ways to improve parents consultation meetings to give parents more time to discuss their child's progress.

Lunchtime club have been developed to include clubs run by outside agencies such as Hercules.  After school clubs would impact on WASPS after school care and we are very aware that we must provide equal access to after school clubs for all children.  

Weekly maths homework has been introduced.

Staff directly discuss pupil progress as part of the parent consultation meetings.  Targets are set in term 1 and 2 and progress towards these targets is discussed during the parent consultation meetings.  Children with specific needs have IEP targets set and reviewed each term and these are discussed with parents at separate IEP meetings.  Children's end of year reports report on the children's national curriculum levels in Y1/2 and the EYFS framework.

The school leads Gifted & Talented days with a group of local schools to enable Gifted and Talented children to work alongside children of a similar ability.  The school has a fluid G & T register which is reviewed each term. All lessons are carefully planned with a 'Challenge for all'  approach.  We ensure that all lessons are clearly differentiated, challenging the G & T children in all areas of the curriculum.