Pupil Premium Letter

    Dear Parents and Carers,

           Did you know our school might be eligible for more funding?     

By just registering your child for free school meals means that our school receives more money.  The Government is giving money to schools to help children from lower income families do their very best.  This funding is called “Pupil Premium”.
For every child registered for Free School Meals our school receives an extra £900.  Please enquire and register with us to make sure your child doesn’t miss out.

How this works
1. First, check if you qualify.  It is not only if you are unemployed so please check against the list overleaf.
2. Registering is really simple – speak to Mrs Mitchener/Mrs McNeil or Mrs Alleyne in the school office and they will help you register.
3. If you wish your child to receive a free school meal at lunchtime – they will get a free healthy lunch every day (saving you more than £350 a year) and our school gets £900 extra.
4. If you do not wish your child to receive the free school meals they can continue bringing in a packed lunch as normal – the important part is registering so the school receives an extra £900 to spend on your child’s education.

Note: No-one will know you have registered and this does not affect any other benefits you may already be claiming.
Please do come in to discuss this with us as the extra funding makes a lot of difference.

Yours Sincerely Mrs L. McNeil and Mrs. J. Mitchener