School Learning Plan 2015/2016

School Learning Plan 2018 - 2019

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • Further develop middle leaders accountability through triangulation of evidence in coordinator roles
  • Develop middle leader responsibilities including SENCO role
  • Develop secure succession planning within the FGB and the SLT
  • Establish roles and routines within new leadership structure

Quality of Teaching and Learning

  • Review and further develop highly effective phonics teaching
  • Improve teaching, learning and assessment in Science
  • Embed cursive handwriting within each class
  • Further developing writing skills 
  • To develop challenge and opportunities for mastery in Maths
  • Review and revise our Feedback to children to enable children to improve their outcomes

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Further embed British Values focusing on mutual respect, community and responsibility through theme for the year of “It’s our world”
  • Develop further and embed strategies to support children’s well-being e.g. mindfulness, SEMH, wellbeing interventions
  • Develop practices associated with safeguarding and GDPR with all staff

Outcomes for all pupils

  • Maintain high outcomes for all pupils
  • Improve outcomes for all groups of pupils including those with specific needs
  • Increase the percentage of children achieving the higher standard / greater depth in Reading, Writing and Maths by the end of Y2


Effectiveness of EYFS Provision

  • Improve the outdoor curriculum and environment in EYFS.
  • Further develop Handwriting pre-cursive to include lead ins
  • Develop Maths opportunities in all areas of learning to inspire pupils as mathematicians.
  • Develop writing skills for boys

Asset Management

  • Ensure WASPS remains a competitive and financially viable provision including summer club