Sports Premium Funding

What is Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years from 2013 onwards to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding and this funding is still ongoing. The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school Head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The money is used so that all children benefit, regardless of their sporting ability.  


Sports Premium Funding

Premier Sports lead PE lessons with teachers team teaching alongside them. 

The impact of the training includes:

  •          Developed staff skills in teaching PE
  •          Wider range of skills covered to a technical level
  •          Children have more access to different types of sports e.g. Dodgeball, archery
  •          MMS’ trained to a competent level in teaching playground games at lunchtimes
  •          Greater opportunities to compete within PE lessons e.g. Handball competition
  •          Staff now have the confidence and skills to lead all dance lessons across the school


The school has trialled and bought into a planning package called ‘IMOVES’ to help the teachers plan dance across the school.  It uses music from across different cultures to teach dance skills.



Sports Funding 2017/18 (Academic year)






16/17 funding (5/12)

-£          3,458.57

16/17 carry forward

-£          5,264.27

17/18  - (7/12) New funding formula

-£          9,683.00


-£        18,405.84


Impact of SSP Funding:

Funding a sports coach across all year groups.

This has enabled –

  • Impact of SSP Funding:

    Funding a sports coach across all year groups.

    This has enabled –

    • A more varied extra-curricular programme across school
    • High quality teaching of dance by all teachers
    • More focused teaching on core stability and strength (OT provision)
    • More consistent quality in teaching within PE sessions
    • Greater breadth of sporting activities available after school and at lunch times
    • Increased attendance at extra-curricular activities
    • More children having access to a wider breadth of sports and activities
    • Greater opportunities for intra school competitions through HASSP
    • Improved progression in skills across the school 
    • Improved reporting on fitness levels and on progression of skills for teachers and pupils
    • Consistent approach to competitions and festivals
    • Well organised, high quality competitions and festivals
    • Greater opportunity for our children to experience new sports and activities through clubs and Sparkle Day activities run by Ignite
    • Greater opportunity for our children to attend competitions and festivals
    • Funded Cycle training for all children
    • Funded dance lessons and staff training through dance specialist
    • Ensuring all children have access to cycling/scootering as a different sport
    • Widening our children’s cultural experiences through dance through dance focus days
    • Widening our families cultural experiences through Bollywood dance workshops in Curriculum Weeks
    • SEMH focus introduction of whole class Yoga sessions
    • Develop skills to promote mental wellbeing