Art and Design Technology Curriculum Statement

At HCIS we believe that Art and Design Technology provide valuable opportunities for our children to develop and hone their creative skills. The subjects also encourage them to respond conceptually, intellectually and emotionally to their own, and others’, work.  

In order to facilitate this, we strive to provide art and design opportunities which not only inspire and challenge our pupils, but also encourage them to develop an understanding of how artists and creators have had an historical impact and contributed to our culture and society.

We believe that Art and Design Technology should be inspiring, and should challenge children to work both practically and technically to create products in a variety of relevant and meaningful contexts. 

Our children are taught technical skills and techniques progressively. They are encouraged to take risks, be innovative and to reflect on their own work, and that of others through this exciting part of our curriculum.

Early Years
In Reception, the children are encouraged to explore colour, texture, design, form and function in both two and three dimensions through both adult directed tasks and in their independent play. The children learn to use a variety of tools and techniques and are taught strategies to shape and join materials. 


Key Stage 1
In Art and Design Technology in Key Stage 1, children build on what they have learned in Reception, honing and developing their skills and knowledge. Learning opportunities encourage the children to apply their creative, problem solving and critical thinking skills to relevant contexts which have strong links to the wider curriculum. Children deepen their understanding of colour and colour mixing as well as techniques using other materials and mediums. They learn about and explore the work of significant artists and designers and have opportunities to use their work and techniques as starting points for their own art and design projects.