Who are we?

Hadddenham Community Infant School Governors

The staff are supported in their work by the School Governors.  The governing body prides itself on taking an active part in the running of the school and is made up of people who represent parents, teachers and the local community, as well as people appointed by the local authority.  They are responsible for all aspects of school life, including finances, staff appointments, the curriculum and management of the school site.  


Correspondence for the governing body should be clearly marked with the governor's name and sent/handed into the school office for forwarding.  

Hilary Conboy

Chair of Governors, Equalities and Diversity

Appointed: 7th Nov 2018
Term Ends: 6th November 2022
Hilary - Chair of Governors

I have been a Governor since March 2014, having spent my working life as a teacher and headteacher in primary schools. I am particularly interested in Early Years and believe that a sound beginning has an enormous influence on the rest of a child’s education.
Being retired, I am able to visit school during the working day and, besides being the designated Governor for Early Years and for Equality and Diversity, I help as a volunteer with changing books and accompanying school visits.

Mrs Lucy McNeil


I joined the school in 2013 and have a real passion for the community, the school and every child who attends my school.

Mrs Laura Mitchell

Curriculum Chair, Literacy, Pupil Premium, RE & PSHE

Appointed: 7th November 2018
Term Ends: 6th November 2022

I am delighted to have recently been appointed as a Parent Governor and I am keen that I can use my professional experience to help with supporting the school wherever I can. My eldest son was recently a a pupil at HCIS and my younger son is a pupil at the school.
I have been a Primary School Teacher for over 10 years, with the majority of my teaching experience in Key Stage One. I am passionate about delivering exciting early learning experiences for children and I believe that HCIS provides this in a very happy, caring and supportive environment.

Mr Gareth Packham

Vice Chair, Maths, Humanities, Science

Appointed: 7th November 2018
Term Ends: 6th November 2022
Co Vice Chair of Governors

I am very pleased to have been appointed as a governor at HCIS, I think it's a wonderful school and have one daughter currently here while my other daughter was sad to recently leave as she moved up to Junior School.

I currently work in IT at Oxford Brookes University and have worked in the not-for-profit sector for a number of years so hope my experience will be useful for both general governor's meetings and the Finance, Premises and Health & Safety committee. I look forward to supporting the school however I can and helping it continue to flourish.

Mrs Katharine Taylor

Parent Governor

Appointed: Sept 2022
Term Ends: Sept 2025

I am delighted to have recently been appointed as a Parent Governor.
My husband and I moved to the village in 2015 and our son now attends the school.
I currently work in the finance sector for Rothschild & Co and I am an active volunteer in their communities programme mentoring and tutoring a number of pupils from underperforming schools or with a less privileged background. That work has given me a small insight into the tremendous effort it takes to run an educational establishment and develop and nurture the children so that they gain skills for life and a confidence to deploy them. I have seen how important it is to provide the support to those who have that responsibility.
My parents were both teachers and I am a very firm believer in the power of a good education to set the stall for life and the early years are a very important foundation.
I look forward to playing a part in supporting and contributing to the ongoing success of the school.

Mr David Moore

Appointed: July 2022
Term Ends: July 2026

My boy joined HCIS in 2021, at the start of year 2 and it was astonishing to see how he developed educationally and emotionally in just one year, being fully prepared for the next step to Junior school. This encouraged me, when I retired early, amongst other voluntary roles in our community, to become a School-Reader to support the growth of other children too, as well as to apply for a Governor Role to help support education on a wider scale too.

I was delighted to be appointed Governor at and hope I can utilise my experience running a medium sized company to contribute to the Governor team, though I know I already have high standards to live up to given the very strong Vision and Values of the school as well as the thorough way these are deployed amongst staff and pupils to set the highest of standards and expectations, whilst still making HCIS a fun place to be.

Mr Rob Beatson

Appointed: Nov 2021
Term Ends: Nov 2025

Mrs Eleanor King

Vice Chair, Personnel Chair, Wellbeing, Safeguarding

Appointed: 7th Nov 2018
Term Ends: 6th November 2022
Eleanor - Co-Vice Chair of Governors

With two young children it is important to me to understand their education and what happens after you drop them off in the morning and then get the standard "nothing" answer when you ask what they did at school today at pick up time. I strongly believe that sculpting our children's lives starts at home but with a huge amount of their time being at school, its so important to support those who are supporting our children as they grow and develop. Being part of the governing body will allow an insight and influence in this all important time of our children's lives.

Mr Mark Hooper

Finance Chair, Music

Appointed: 23rd February 2020
Term Ends: 22nd February 2024

Having lived in Haddenham since 2013, and seen both of my children flourish at the school, it’s a privilege to play a part in maintaining and developing the high standards that parents and the community as a whole have come to expect from HCIS. I am chair of the finance committee and endeavour to draw on my business and personal experience to support the school.

Mr Scott Smith


Appointed: November 2019
Term ends: November 2023

It’s great to join the team of Governors at HCIS and support the school in its continuing efforts to provide an excellent educational environment for our children.

I am a Chartered accountant by trade with over 20 years of experience in financial leadership across a range of different sectors. I believe my experience will be beneficial to HCIS and I look forward to contributing to the success of the school.

Mrs Marjorie Johnston

SEN Governor

Appointed: 11th Nov 2020
Term Ends: 10th November 2024

I am delighted to be part of the governing body at HCIS. I have a long association with the school.
My own children attended between 1987 and 1994, followed by my grandchildren 2014 – 2020.
I was privileged to be school secretary for a couple of years before returning to full time teaching in 2000.
I have always been impressed by the ethos of the school, and the way children are nurtured to achieve the best they can, expressing their own skills and talents, wherever possible, within the caring, compassionate environment created by the school, and one it holds dear.
I look forward to supporting the school in whatever way I can.

Mr Jonny Fillis

Appointed: 2022
Term Ends: 2026