English Curriculum Statement

English Intent, Implementation and Impact:




At Haddenham Community Infant School, we intend to:

  • Develop confidence, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to maintain a love of reading, writing and discussion for pleasure in order to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.
  • Promote and facilitate progression and application of both skills and knowledge through a character-based curriculum.
  • Create a safe environment to express themselves creatively and imaginatively.






The development of reading begins with use of a systematic phonics approach; building a knowledge of phonemes and graphemes, as well as an increasing recognition of sight words.


Alongside word reading, comprehension skills will be developed through high quality discussion and questioning during individual, guided and whole class reading.


Children will be exposed to a wide range of genres and authors to feed their imagination.




The development of writing begins with the understanding and application of phonic knowledge learnt, in order to write words as they sound and then building on this, through the teaching of spelling. This will allow children to become confident and accurate with the morphology and orthography of words.


Children will then apply these skills as well as the imagination gained from reading, to plan, compose and edit, which will in turn, allow children to work collaboratively with their peers as well as taking responsibility for their own learning.


Alongside composition, children will be taught: spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting skills both discreetly and within units of work.




Our aim is for the vast majority teaching ARE and up to 25% reaching greater depth in order to be more than ready to move on to their next step in their education within both reading and writing.




To create fluent and confident readers, who enjoy reading for pleasure and to extend their knowledge of the wider world, with the ability to question and be curious.




To create writers, who draw on experiences and skills to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas in a range of contexts and purposes and for a range of audiences, whilst using accurate spelling, grammar and clear handwriting.