Maths Curriculum Statement


At Haddenham Community Infant School, our Mathematics curriculum promotes high expectations in teaching and learning with an emphasis on developing a strong sense of number and place value. It helps to promote a confident and resilient attitude amongst the children where every child can see themselves as a mathematician.



The HCIS Maths curriculum is based on White Rose Maths but will provide memorable lessons that will develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and prepare them for the next stage in their education. Children are encouraged to use different mathematical strategies in order to solve and reason about problems. They are taught to see that problems can be solved in a variety of ways and that by breaking down a problem into smaller chunks, applying what they have learnt, they can solve any problem they are challenged with.



As outlined in our maths policy, we adopt the White Rose Maths scheme as a planning tool, but we adapt according to the need of our pupils at that time. This adaptation is based upon summative assessment gap information, ongoing formative teaching judgements, current climate and pupil feedback. We make the decisions to provide the bespoke learning approach which we prioritise. The impact has seen children come back from lockdown and settle and achieve quicker in maths and address any gaps in learning where needed.