Fun Activities

At WASPS the children have great fun learning through play.  Activities are planned inside and outside with activities changed daily.  Children mix well together across the ages enabling them to further develop their social skills.

Inside Activities

Children have the opportunity to get involved in creative play at the art and craft table whether they are choosing pastels, paint, charcoal, pencils or felt tips, or choosing things to cut and stick.  This helps them to develop their fine motor skills and imagination.

Children get engrossed in role play in the home play area.  They enjoy dressing up and entering another world.

The den building area is a new addition to the club.  Children have posts, poles, fabric and netting to enable them to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. 

Sporting activities are a top choice with access to table tennis, table football, snooker, air hockey, skittles and badminton.

Board games and puzzles are popular with all the children.

There are also quiet areas for the children to take time out with a good book or simply relax.

Outside Activities

Children regularly play outside in the playground and newly developed woodland area.  We have a wide variety of equipment for the children to select including mud kitchens, scooters, skateboards, in-line skates, space hoppers, stilts, pogo sticks, Kwick Cricket, swingball and basketball to name but a few. We also have our very own bouncy castle and inflatable football pitch!

The park next door is a favorite place to visit to swing, climb and play.

In the summer months we have outdoor water play and inflatable water slides, this is suring holiday club only.