Vision and Values




At Haddenham Community Infant School our vision is that all children who attend our school are happy children as happy children learn.  Through our methods of teaching and learning we support all children to become confident and be inspired in their learning and own interests.


  • recognise the individual needs of all children and make the best provision for them by offering a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum;
  • create a happy, healthy working environment where every member of the school community can achieve their full potential and where everyone is valued and equal opportunities are available for all;

  • provide an innovative curriculum to encourage all children to become motivated learners;
  • encourage a sense of independence and responsibility and foster respect for moral and spiritual values;

  • develop an understanding of others regardless of race, religion and differing ways of life;
  • build on each child’s experience at home in order to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge;

  • encourage parents to work with us in all aspects of the development of our school;
  • extend the children’s learning beyond the classroom into the school grounds and on into the local community and wider world;

  • welcome visitors into our school;
  • ensure that continuity and progression are maintained throughout the school and that effective records are kept of each child’s development.