Humanities Curriculum Statement

Humanities Curriculum Statement



At HCIS we foster our pupils love for geographical Earth and history of their world. In order to better understand who we are in the world and why it is special, the children are taught through a newly revised creative curriculum.  In Key Stage 1 the national curriculum objectives (and more) are covered over a range of exciting topics such as; We are Britain, Animal Magic and Inventors and Explorers.


Our aim is to make learning as relevant and purposeful as possible. Across the year we explore a range of progressive themes such as the Geographical and Historical features of their locality in Haddenham, in the United Kingdom and worldwide. We celebrate Haddenham’s history by; taking walks around our local area to spot Witchert and Tudor houses, visiting local National Trust sites and participating in Outdoor Learning off site in woodland. 


Children as young as Reception learn about the impact humans have on our world and how best to care for the world and animals we share our global home with. We learn about significant people throughout History and the impact they have had had on our lives to the present day. We also build an awareness of similarities and differences of people, religion and cultures.

Throughout the year we celebrate a Humanities focus as a whole school and wider community such as; Remembrance, Fairtrade and Earth Day.