Brake Kid's Walk

14th June 2023

Our school participated in the Brake Kid's Walk this week. This nationwide event is organised
by Brake, the road safety charity, to help pupils promote the benefits of walking and learn about road safety.
More than 600 schools and 90,000 children are took part across the country.
We walked around the village showcasing banners and posters made by the children and
provided by Brake chanting for motorists to 'slow down' and that 'twenty is plenty' to call for safer roads in our community. Brake kids walk is an important event because it helps children understand that they have a right to make safe and healthy journeys every day.
Sadly, children of all ages are at risk of being hurt or killed when walking near roads. On average, six children
are killed or seriously injured on roads in Britain every day – that’s equivalent to a whole classroom of
children every week.