Window into Our Learning

10th June 2021

Year 2 Learning in our School.
Y2 can be seen in the classroom during a literacy lesson where the children were using inference and reasoning about characters based on 'flotsam' that had been washed up on a 'beach'.
The pictures of Y2  outside were to highlight plastic pollution for World Oceans Day, we were making posters to 'save the oceans'.
Year 1 Learning in our School
Y1 have been learning how to use the 100 square as a resource, counting up and backwards from 100 and writing our numbers correctly by learning how to partition the tens and ones.
The children have been learning about capacity in Maths.
They have been watching their caterpillars transform into butterflies!
Reception Class Learning in Our School
The children have been learning about counting using the tally method in Maths.
YR have been watching the caterpillars in their class transform into butterflies!
They have been growing beans from seed.